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The Institute for African Development (INADEV) is committed to planning and administering programs to enhance Africa's human capacity development.   It was created to provide critical assistance to meet the human capacity building needs of African communities reeling from the destabilizing effects of civil wars, oppressive governments, biodiversity loss, humanitarian and natural disasters.   

Activities of the corporation include the provision of training and technical assistance on African legal, economic, social and environmental policy and practice.   It also organizes conferences and supports scholarly research on contemporary African issues.   Aimed at community-based groups, policy makers and professionals, INADEV's programs are designed to foster societies that are self-reliant and can compete effectively in today's fast moving global economy.

Current programs of INADEV focus on conflict prevention and resolution, human rights, democracy and the rule of law, trade, investment and technology management, law reform, conservation of nature for sustainable development, and the promotion of traditional knowledge as the basis of national development.


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